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Standing on the Edge of Something Beautiful (but not my sofa)

Really frustrated with everything today. Overdraft is rising with no sign of any paid employment on the horizon – as much as I want to be a writer, I’ve been thrown in at the deep end since I lost my job, as I don’t have a lot of experience behind me. Being out of work again has really given my self-esteem a knock too, so I don’t go out much. Fortunately my attempts at submitting my writing to publications have gone well so far, which gives me a few flecks of gold in the bottom of my bucket filled with horse poo.

Every so often I’ll get out my angel cards, as they are usually spookily accurate. Today I enlisted the help of Trent, my guinea pig to pick a card out of the fan. Since he has no hands, he instead selected one for me by chewing it. And it was the card I keep getting – Omega. This apparently means my desire is coming to fruition, and everything is happening as it is meant to be. Which is comforting, but doesn’t pay off my credit cards just yet. I wish I wasn’t so practical sometimes…

Anyway, I love Lancaster, and I want to write about it, so I better get some article ideas going. The sun is beginning to descend and I can hear the announcer bloke at the station waffling on about something, so no doubt the trains are delayed.

I’m going back to The Secret website to try and wheedle out all the negative thoughts in my head. I might keep the book by my bed to remind me of the Laws of Attraction (and that I shouldn’t be so bloody pessimistic at 24 years old).

I am off to cook a curry.


The List

I’d like to think that I will gain success from this business of writing. I’d also like to think that I’m a very organised person, but er, turns out I’m not really. It’s been four weeks of unemployment now, but not that much output. More feeling sorry for myself, cleaning the flat and blog surfing, which to be fair, has given me some really useful information.

Last night I came up with a list. I like lists. It is a list that tells me what I should be doing, and when. Today I have wrote 1000 words (oh, even more now I’ve wrote this, ha ha!) and got the mince for tea before it rained…

All thanks to the list.