Williamson Park


Spring has arrived in Lancaster. Thank God. To celebrate this (and get out of the flat, which has almost run out of oxygen), I made the steep ascent up to Williamson Park. Signs of spring are everywhere now – and some seats have even managed to stay dry enough to warrant sitting on!

I sat up at the Temple Shelter, from which there is a marvellous view of the upper levels of the Ashton Memorial. I got some lovely photos but I want to use them for something else, so you’ll have to make do with a view of the Memorial as I entered the park…

In the wood - Memorial in the distance


Sadly I couldn’t go to the Butterfly House as I’m skint, but I will have to soon considering it’s been er, 20 years since I went!

I also found the pool where my brother had his wedding pictures taken (It was in summer so it looked a bit nicer than this…)

By The Pool


It’s always nice to have somewhere tranquil to escape to, though I did get some odd looks from the mothers-with-prams as I pottered around with a notebook and camera…

View from the path leading up to the Temple Shelter



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  1. Rick Seymour Said:

    I remember this place from when I was younger, going to an open air drama production of King Arthur. Lady in the lake, sword fighting, fantastic!!!
    I chuckle thinking back to following people around the park with big FOLLOW ME placards… picnics and lighting set up around the lake..

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