Witchcraft For The Young

Came across this post on Suite 101…

Teaching Your Pagan Faith to Youths: Resources for Pagan Parents and Community Leaders.

If only I’d had this when I was growing up, instead of the same 5 hymns from ‘Come and Praise’! Luckily for me and my brain, I grew up with my nose in a book rather than plonked in front of the TV, so when I wanted to find out more about witchcraft, the bookshop was the first place I went.

I think I was due a birthday present or something, so I picked out Witchcraft: A Beginner’s Guide , much to the amusement of my mother (she thought it was yet another facet of my ‘Gothic’ period). I still find this book useful today for correspondences, plus if anyone asks you silly questions like ‘Do you worship the Devil?’, you can quote from the book instead of having to explain why the question is wrong on so many levels!!

I’d just bought a bookcase, but having one book on it looks bad. I cured this problem by filling the shelves with bottles of vodka that had been drunk, and by buying another book – Spells For Teenage Witches. It’s full of spells that young people will find useful, like ‘Revision Spell’ and ‘Notice Me Spell’, and the objects used aren’t too hard to come by either.

Those were the first of many books I own that helped me to get where I am today (Hmm, maybe I should have concentrated more on the prosperity spells than the love ones…)


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  1. I wish someone would of tole me about paganism when i was a young whipper snapper. then i wouldn’t of turned out the way i did, and i would of had a greater grasp on the whole religious aspect.

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